"Josephine is polite, respectful and direct in her evaluations making the parents fully aware of how she will approach the task. Students like her as she listens to them and she has a way to keep them on track. She was so successful with my children that I have recommended her to people with confidence."

Mary N., Trusting Mom.

Vancouver, Kitsilano

     "Josephine is able to work with people of different ages successfully. She is truly interested in seeing the success of her pupils and being a part of it. She is helping to create confident learners."

Anne M., Happy Mom.

Vancouver, Kerrisdale

     "As a former tutoree of French Tutors Vancouver, I can attest to my tutor’s excellent teaching abilities and depth of knowledge in teaching French. Maxime tutored me during my Grade 11 and Grade 12 years when I was completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and helped me go from an IB 4 out of 7 (~75%) to a 6 out of 7 (~93%)."

Oscar J, UBC Engineering Student.

Vancouver, UBC

     "My tutor Alexandre and I began working together to help me prepare for another work term in Quebec, Canada.  I was easily able to connect with his teaching style. Working 1-on-1 with her has helped me to rapidly absorb the language and get me closer to achieving my goal of speaking functional French. I look forward to working with him as much as possible down the road."

Jared K, Actor.

Vancouver, Downtown

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