Where can we meet?

You can meet your tutor at your home, a coffee shop, a library etc. It all depends on your preference and availability.

What is the cancellation policy?

Sessions will not be charged if cancelled at least 24 hours ahead for meaningful reasons. Last minute cancellations will be charged except in case of emergency, in order to be as fair as possible for both parties (the student and the tutor).

Will I be satisfied with private French tutoring lessons?

Yes. I am confident that once we establish clear and realistic goals, we will be able to achieve them together. Our French tutors will provide you with clear explanations, keep the sessions engaging and keep track of your progress. At French Tutors Vancouver we believe in two-way communication, learning efforts and mutual trust as means to achieve anything.

Does the fee for in-home tutoring include materials?

Yes and no. Materials can be provided by us but we can also work on school materials and other resources. If the student requires a specific workbook for example, with your consent our tutor would purchase it and ask you to reimburse him/her.

How do you schedule private French tutoring lessons with a tutor from French Tutors Vancouver?

You can email us at frenchtutorsvancouver@gmail.com, or fill out this contact form. We will reply to you within 12 hours.

Is there a minimum number of hours for in-home tutoring?

No, there is no minimum. However, if you would like to use our services in the longer term we can discuss the hourly rate.

How much does private tutoring cost? What is the payment procedure?

French tutoring with French Tutors Vancouver costs between $35 and $40. The rates vary between face-to-face, University and Skype sessions. See the pricing table here.

Payment can be made by check, email transfer or cash and is required at the beginning of the month. Adjustments are made at the end of each month if sessions were missed or added.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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