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This is usually the first element to be covered during your sessions. For beginners, recognizing groups of letters, sounds and words will help you build a strong foundation for your knowledge. It can also help you enrich your vocabulary and improve your fluency.

Exams preparation

Our tutors have the experience and resources to help you prepare for exams such as DELF, IB Baccalaureat, and Provincials. We will guide you and perform regular practice tests to assess your progress. Please contact us if you want to inquire about a different exam.


Spelling and formal writing can be a tough part of French. Sounds are different, consonants double, grammar rules are being established to be broken, conjugation can give you a headache. We know the struggles of writing in French and we will cover every grammar point that challenges you.


Your company is merging with another one in Eastern Canada, or you wish to integrate a francophone workplace? You can decide to learn by yourself or with your colleagues. We will provide tailor-made lessons adapted to your industry. Contact us for more information.

Speaking / listening

Oral fluency is the dream of most learners. The tutors at French Tutors Vancouver will focus on making you speak, even if you are a beginner, to help you improve your self-confidence, develop your vocabulary and create natural conversations - in French.

Homework support

Maybe you simply want to catch up with your work load or have someone motivate you and help you focus when you are doing your homework. Our French tutors will keep you on track and make sure you get regular practice on a weekly or biweekly basis.